Mining and Smelting Combine Bor

This plant consists of four units:
  • railway transport,
  • road transport,
  • reloading and preparation of goods and material in the production process,
  • maintenance and servicing of machines and devices and maintenance of road and railway net.


Each unit is linked in the copper production process in accordance with production and needs of TIR and RTB plants.


Transport of the liquid slag from the Reverb. furnace, reception and reloading of concentrate, reception and reloading of coals and other utilities, reception and reloading of other goods and material required in the production process. Transport of the sulphuric acid, copper anodes for refining, transport of copper cathodes to remelting, transport of copper and other activities connected to railway transport.

Road transport:

Transport of concentrate from RBB and import according to the production and needs, transport of quartz of various granulation according to the needs of the Smelter, transport of lime for the needs of smelting the concentrate, transport of coal and natural gas for plant operation, loading of all mentioned material before transport into the Smelter storage space.

Reloading and preparation of goods and the material:

Reception and unloading of concentrates, coals and other material as well as goods needed in the copper production process. Maintenance of the dump-yard for discharging the material from the production process. Loading of copper cathodes and unloading of blister copper for the needs of the Smelter. Operation of hoists for the needs of the plant as well as reloading of goods and the material. Operation of bulldozers for the needs of the plant as well as preparation of slag from Reverb. furnaces for flotation. Operation of fork-lifters during the unloading or loading of goods and material for the needs of the plan.

Managment Managment
  • Vladimir Janošević – Manager