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Sulphuric Acid Plant

Sulphuric Acid Plant

Sulphuric Acid Plant

Production of technical sulphuric acid, with concentration of 93.0 – 98.4% is done in two plant units K2 and K3 (from which one – K3 is not in operation since 1999) and with total production capacity of 475 000 tons per year. Also, as additional production unit, there is a Battery Acid Plant, with concentration of 66 and 32 Nomes.

Sulphuric acid production, in both plants, is conducted by contact procedure or single catalysis. The first plant opened in 1971, is equipped by German program Chemibau, and the second, opened in 1981, by Japanese equipment of Ebarra corporation.

The very plant is located inside the industrial zone, so that it has both road and railway transportation infrastructure.
23 December 2014. completed New Sulphuric Acid Plant.

Managment Managment
  • Vladimir Janošević – Manager