Power Plant

The basic activity of The Power Plant is production of heating energy which is used for heating of industry and preparation of sanitary hot water of the RTB basic part.

Besides everything else, activity of the Power Plant is supply and distribution of electric energy from the electric power system, production of its own electric energy in smaller quantities, production of demineralized and softened water necessary for operation of boilers and heating system of the basic part as well as distribution of industrial water for the needs of RTB.

Heating energy in the Power Plant is received from steam boilers, and a part of that energy is distributed from the Smelter, gained from the waste heat boilers which use the energy from copper smelting metallurgical process.

Such received energy at the Power Plant outlet is transformed and distributed further to consumers through the heat-exchanger stations. This energy is used for technological purposes (heating of electrolytes for the copper electrolytic refining process in the Tankhouse), as well as for heating of other parts of the plant within RTB and preparation of sanitary water.

Production equipment which in the function of copper production consists of steam boilers, steam turbines, heat-exchanger stations TS-1 and TS-2 with distribution of hot water to all consumers in the RTB basic part, chemical water treatment plant and industrial distribution plant.

Managment Managment
  • Vladimir Janošević – Manager