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Electrolytic Refining Plant was constructed in two phases. In the year 1933 was constructed the first workshop and in the year 1969 when was constructed the second workshop, which is currently active workshop for production . In the plant are at the moment active 1140 electro-refining cells and annually is produced 120.000t of copper cathodes.

Electrolytic Refining Plant

Electrolytic Refining Plant

Tankhouse receives copper anodes, containing 99% copper and certain percentage of gold and silver, from the Smelter’s line for anodes casting, and they are dipped into the copper-sulphuric acid electrolyte. At the end of the process, each cathode weights from 80 to 100 kg, and the undesolved anodes rest is returned to the Smelter for retreatment. Elements which can be found in the anode besides copper (gold, silver and other precious metals) during the refining process fall on the bottom of the cells in the form of slime, which is collected and sent for processing to the Precious Metals Plant – Gold Producing Plant (Zlatara).

Precious Metals Plant

This production unit, which started operation in 1969, utilizes the anodic slime from the refining process as a starting raw material for production of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and selenium, and is designed so that annually it processes 200 tons of wet anodic slime.

Copper Sulphate Plant (blue vitriol)

This plant started operation in 1982 and contains equipment for steaming of electrolytes, crystallization, filtration and packing of blue vitriol. The final product contains crystal of copper II sulphate which is used in agriculture and industry. Annual production is 1200 tons.

Managment Managment
  • Vladimir Janošević – Manager