Mining and Smelting
Combine Bor

Mining and Smelting Combine Bor The parent company (Head Office) is one of the four dependent entities within RTB Bor Group...

Mining and Smelting<br />Combine Bor

Copper Mines Bor

Bor Copper Mines include two copper mines with open pit exploitation (reserves Veliki Krivelj and Cerovo), one underground mine (Jama mine), two facilities for preparation of minerals (Concentrators in Krivelj and Bor), one nonmetals mine (Open Pit and Lime Production Plant in Zagradje) and Exploration Facility...

Copper Mines Bor

Copper Mine

The first tones of concentrate were delivered to Bor on June 25, 1961, and that is when production formally started in Copper Mine Majdanpek...

Copper Mine<br /> Majdanpek

Copper Smelter

Smelter and Refinery consists of two lines. The first smelting line was put into operation in 1961, while the other one was put into operation in 1971. Deconstructon of the second line is in progress and a new smelting line will be designed and constructed instead of this one...

Copper Smelter<br /> Refinery

Town - Mine

RTB, as a responsible company whose activities trigger the total commercial happenings, participates in reconstruction and construction of the infrastructural facilities in Bor, Majdanpek and the villages in these two municipalities...

Town - Mine
RTB Bor Group is the only home producer of copper and precious metals, the most important link in the copper chain of Serbia and the company that is world famous for its high quality cathode copper. As the basis of industry and economy in the country, businesses with copper provides the country with several hundred millions of dollars a year, and RTB Bor, as a unique system, produces copper ore and with its operations promotes the development of the entire region. Hence, the copper plant, with its potentials and abundant natural resources, is a strategically important company for the development of the entire Serbian economy, and as a great potential for economic prosperity is also seen by surrounding states.

Core Business

After decomposing of the holding company RTB Bor and privatization of its subsidiaries, the company has operated as a single system with four main production subsidiaries:

Managment Managment
  • Blagoje Spaskovski – General Manager
  • Mirjana Antić – Deputy General Manager for Marketing, Economy and Finances
  • Jovica Anđelović – Assistant General manager for new development programs
  • Dimča Jenić – Development Manager
  • Zoran Ilić – Legal Department Manager
Secondary activities not part of the core mining and metallurgy are:


Within RBB:


  • Lime Plant Zagradje
  • Exploration activities