Mining and Smelting Complex Bor is one of the largest companies in Serbia, a leader in copper and precious metals production and, thus, a leader in corporate social responsibility.
Mining and Smelting Complex Bor has proved, in its field of operation, to be a desirable social partner that takes care of the community. For years now, it has been providing significant funds for sponsorships and donations and, in that way, helping activities of various organizations, clubs and associations as well as groups and individuals that are most socially challenged.

Action “For a more beautiful Bor”

RTB, as a socially responsible company, which is through its operations initiating the overall trade situation, has been participating in reconstruction and construction of infrastructure in Bor, Majdanpek and villages in these two municipalities. Having in mind the fact that positive effects on the non-ferrous metals world market and the global financial market should not be of benefit only to RTB, but also to the citizens of the municipalities in which the company operates, the management has decided to, first of all, help the Municipality of Bor in refurbishment of the town for whose current looks, after one century of mining, RTB is significantly responsible also.
Investment in refurbishment of the town and the villages in the Municipality of Bor (white washing of facades, refurbishment of roads and street lighting, construction of a zoo, construction of an Aged Care Home, construction of a playground adjacent to the Culture Centre, construction of seven roundabouts, refurbishment of the sports complex behind the Sports Centre (skate and aqua park, carting, labyrinth, balloon hall, horse track), refurbishment of the airport, construction of a ski lift at Crni Vrh mountain, construction of fountains, refurbishment of the plateau in front of the City Culture Centre, refurbishment of the hotel “Jezero” on Bor Lake, equipping of the theatre and reconstruction of the ballet and concert hall at the School of Music, equipping of the Centre for daily care of children with special needs “Mozaik”, refurbishment of churches and culture centers in villages, replacement of lighting and construction of access roads to certain villages…) will contribute to a significantly better social ambient of the Municipality of Bor.


Donations and sponsorships

Pursuant to the corporate social responsibility strategy and the adopted policy for donations and sponsorships, Mining and Smelting Complex Bor has divided sponsorships and donations in five groups:
  • Basic donations

    The program includes help projects for socially challenged categories of citizens or social groups and organizations, as well as one time support actions for the effected. (house for the Cokic family, accordion for the talented Milan Ristic, help for Kraljevo,…)

  • Culture as historical heritage and perspective for the future

    Donations and sponsorships as support to important national cultural events in various parts of Serbia with the aim of preserving cultural heritage and passing in onto the future generations (Manifestation called “Dani banje” located in the spa town Brestovacka banja, Manifestation called “Susreti sela”, Honey and Herbs Fair,… ).

  • Support to raising social awareness

    Projects that support the projects directed towards protection of environment and improvement of environmental awareness (Environmental association “Ekoagenda 7/1935”, Beekeepers Association “Krivelj”, Hunter Association “Krivelj”, Young Researches Association, NGO “Crni vrh”, Mountaineering and Skiing association “Crni vrh”, Mountaineering Association “Stol”, Group 55, Scouts “Radomir Jovanović Čoče”, Clean Serbia….)

  • Sports and community

    Providing support to first class athletes and clubs, as well as promotion of the idea of healthy life and fair play (Action “Fight for Babies”, Action “Fight for Childbirth Centers”, Bobana Veličković, Football club “Bor”, Handball club “Bor”, Serbian Handball Federation – finals, Bawling club “Bakar”, Flying club, Extreme club “Rock And Ice”, Horse riding club, Basketball club “Bor”, Skaters in Bor, Body building club,…)

  • Science and education, media, young talents

    Investment in the program for improvement of education by providing help to scientific and educational institutions and support and investment in future pillars of our society, talented students and pupils. (Environmental truth, Technical Faculty in Bor, Bor, East Weekend Fest, Bornet…)